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Statistics prove that homes without Security Systems are more likely to be burglarized.


It’s important to remember:  Burglars avoid homes or businesses that have a security system. Is your home or business a target?

1. UP TO 20X – Less likely to be burglarized

2. AVOIDED BY – 90% of burglars

3. PROTECTED 24/7 – Against instrusion

This also means that your home or business is less likely to be burglarized if there are other homes or businesses with security systems in your neighborhood.
Isn’t it time you made your family and home or business safer?

What Does This Mean To You?

* Homes or businesses without security systems are burglarized every 14 seconds.

* Less than 15% of burglaries are solved every year.

* More than half of residential burglaries take place during the day – whether your’e home or away.

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Why take the risk?

Talk to a Security Center Networks Representative Today

One Stop for All of Your Home or Business Security Needs in OrlandoServing Orlando 1987, Security Center Networks has provided home and business security services throughout the Orlando area including alarm monitoring, security camera installation and wireless home or business security systems. You can depend on Security Center Networks to provide comprehensive services, professional staff, and fast responses.

Our services include:

Home and Business Alarm Monitoring:

With more than twenty years of security monitoring experience in the Orlando area, Security Center Networks provides our customers with reliable, fast, and locally based home security monitoring.

  • The Security Center Networks monitoring center is locally based, ensuring our customers receive the fastest response time.  Security Center Networks home alarm monitoring watches for intrusion, fire, and can even provide customers with central monitoring software.

Home and Business Security Cameras

Security Center Networks is the Orlando authority on home and business security cameras, for both standard and wireless. Our licensed, experienced, and carefully screened specialists will be happy to help you select the home or business security cameras best suited to your needs.

  • Indoor/Outdoor – or Both! Depending on the location of your residence, your home  or business security system may involve indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, or a combination of both types.
  • Fixed or Wireless? Choosing between a fixed home or business security camera and a wireless one is a matter of both price and logistics. A trained professional from Security Center Networks can assess your home or business security needs to determine which system best suits your needs.

Wireless Home or Business Security Systems Wireless home or business security systems are becoming increasingly popular, and as the largest home or business security provider in Orlando, Security Center Networks can install and monitor a wireless home or business.

  • Wireless home or business security systems can be installed with minimal drilling, allowing for faster installation and more aesthetically appealing home or business security system.
  • Additionally, the cameras in a wireless home or business security system allow for more flexibility; they can be moved for a better view of a specific area, or you can take them with you when you change homes or business.

Call Security Center Networks today for all of your home or business security services!

Security Center Networks is the Orlando authority for home or business protection. Our staff of licensed and screened professionals will help you design the ideal home or business security system and choose the services you need for optimal home or business protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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